How can one help one’s grandchild, or great-grandchild, fifty years from now? What do we pass on to those who come after us, for both good and for bad? And what difference can one person make in the world?

These are the universal questions that occupy director John Webster in this cinematic letter to his great-grandchild, a girl called Dorit who will be born in the 2060’s, and who’s little yellow boots will walk on a very different shoreline to the one we knew.

Taking as its starting point a personal experience of loss that has been with John throughout his life, we are taken on an emotional and physical journey from Finland across Russia to the coal mines of Siberia, to the Marshall Islands in the Pacific, and across the USA to New York.

The story seamlessly weaves together past, present and future into a beautiful, moving and hopeful documentary film about the power of each of us to make a difference.

Little Yellow Boots / Tulevilla rannoilla (95min, 2017)


Helsinki - Savoy Theatre: Wednesday 25.1. at 20:00
Helsinki - Orion: Friday 27.1. at 19:00

Facts and Sources

Population (link)

“You will share this planet with 9 billion”

Hurricane Sandy (link)

Hurricane Sandy interactive flood maps and damage maps from the New York Times.

Sea level rise (link)

New research suggests that actual sea level rise will be 2m by the year 2100.

The experiment (link)

More on the behavioural economics experiment can be read here.

Global carbon emissions (link)

“It would be the same as burning down a forest the size of Europe once a year”.

Scientific consensus (link)

10.188 confirm, 124 reject. Proportion of scientists who have published peer-review papers on man made climate change.

Research behind the film


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